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DAASE (Dynamic Adaptive Automated Software Engineering) is a four-site project between UCL, Birmingham, Stirling and York, which also has a growing list of industrial partners.

Current software development processes are expensive, laborious and error prone. They achieve adaptivity at only a glacial pace, largely through enormous human effort, forcing highly skilled engineers to waste significant time adapting many tedious implementation details. Often, the resulting software is equally inflexible, forcing users to also rely on their innate human adaptivity to find “workarounds”. Yet software is one of the most inherently flexible engineering materials with which we have worked; DAASE seeks to use computational search as an overall approach to achieve the software’s full potential for flexibility and adaptivity. In so-doing we will be creating new ways to develop and deploy software.

This new approach to software engineering places computational search at the heart of the processes and products it creates, and embeds adaptivity into both. DAASE will also create an array of new processes, methods, techniques and tools for a new kind of software engineering, radically transforming the theory and practice of software engineering.

DAASE Website

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